About Us

OneZeroBD Limited is one of the most creative designs, development and innovative IT based Software Company in Bangladesh. We offer professional Educational, Business & Health relevant Software development and service. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team provides professional IT solutions and service that help your business to improve your profile and online presence. We deliver the highest levels of service which help you minimum marketing and low production costs, all without compromising on creativity, quality or results. Our expertise lies in providing a range of services and solutions. We provide you with all those IT solution and services that you need.

OneZeroSchool is one of the top most innovative educational institute management software in Bangladesh. It is totally web based software. It is help you to fully Automation and Digitalization of your educational institute like School, College, Vocational, Polytechnic, Madrasaha and also Training Center. If you use it you haven’t no need others website or software to manage your institute (all-in-one). It is help to increase the administrative and academic performance & efficiency of Teachers, Students and also others staffs. It is so user friendly.